Our Mission

PANDA is committed to enable the global industrial landscape to deploy artificial intelligence on edge devices, thus allowing industrial production to continuously improve in terms of efficiency and efficacy.  
We partner with some of the best (natural) brains in AI. And we are proud to be of substantial impact and assistance to technology leaders in global production. We believe AI is a means to a number of ends and not an end in itself. These ends are: a leaner production, safer and healthier working environments, and last but not least better products and better returns.

Within the industrial world, intelligent algorithms need to adapt to very specific environments of machines and factories.This is the root consideration, why we PANDAs decided to let our business model deliver an infrastructure for industrial data. It is this infrastructure built of hardware and software modules, that will enable both, AI seekers and AI providers to scale the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Our Story

It all began in 2016 when a fire started in the unattended pump room of Helmut Schmidt University (HSU), Hamburg, Germany. At the Institute for Machine Elements and Computer Aided Product Development the question arose whether this could have been prevented with an appropriate monitoring technology. We also wanted to determine, if data science could be of any help in this context. After thorough research we concluded that both, the products and the AI tools then available on the market were of no help with regard to this particular use case. Building a suitable infrastructure would have been far too expensive. Thus, we set out to change this and build a workable infrastructure.


Ingo Kaiser
Founder, CEO
Early in his career as an officer in the German Armed Forces (Captain), Ingo set his sights high and learned how to handle tall orders in a calm and friendly manner.
After his military service, Ingo went back to his lifetime passion engineering. In 2012 he graduated as a mechanical engineer (M.Sc.) at Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg, Germany, Deciding to improve the data quality and availability as an anchor point for AI in manufacturing, Ingo dedicated himself to really make a difference in IIoT and Industry 4.0.
His technical stack in data acquisition and software development and his hunger for real challenges encouraged him to follow the invitation of his professors and spin-off PANDA from his alma mater.
Subsequently, he managed to share his passion with many clients, co-workers and investors and lead his company through several financing rounds into the first row of industrial start-ups.
Florian Ellerkamp
Late Founder, CFO/COO
PANDA’s `wunderkind’ Florian completed his Abitur (German A levels) in 2003 – one year ahead of his age group. He went on studying electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen. In 2009, he earned his engineering diploma (Dipl.-Ing.). Before joining PANDA in 2020, Florian had worked for +10 years in several engineering and managerial positions in SMEs and midcaps like KION group. In 2019, Florian earned an MBA on top of his engineering diploma. Having intended to join a start-up to experience more immediate effects of his own doings, Florian was hired by PANDA as Head of Project. Very soon after having embarked on PANDA, Florian was promoted to COO/CFO.


"At PANDA, we are proud of our diverse and open culture. Respect for one another engenders respect for our clients who lie at the heart of everything that PANDA does. We all share a sense of mutual trust and we all know, that our clients and our investors depend on our taking our responsibilities very seriously."

Our Partners und Supporters

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